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In a world where amazing, high quality entertainment is just a click away, Akamai can help you keep your audience riveted to the screen.

Over-the-top (OTT) delivery of sports, news, entertainment and more has become a global phenomenon. So whether you’re a traditional broadcaster or native OTT provider, you can’t afford to sit on the sidelines, or deliver anything less than perfection. Consumers simply have too many options and too little patience for anything less than the best.

Akamai’s pioneering work in video delivery over the Internet laid the groundwork for today's OTT revolution. Today, our relentless focus on quality at scale, our modular workflow for both live and on demand needs, and our team of OTT experts can help you harness this seismic transformation in how media is delivered and consumed.

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New Webinar: Understanding OTT 2.0

Webinar - Understanding OTT 2.0
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What are the key considerations to a successful transition to OTT 2.0? Join Akamai CTO of the Media Division, John Bishop, as he explores the OTT landscape. Learn what's new, what's now...and what's next.

OTT Success Stories

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    Learn about FuboTV and how they partnered with Akamai to deliver optimal viewing experiences through OTT streaming.

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