API Gateway

Maximize scalability and reliability by offloading API governance to the edge

An API gateway provides a unified entry point for all API consumers and governs traffic. However, API gateways are difficult to scale, and are often restricted to a region or data center.

Akamai API Gateway pushes API governance to the edge — the server right next to your API consumer. Every globally distributed edge server acts as an API gateway to maximize the scalability and reliability of your API authentication, authorization, and quota management policies.

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Elastic scaling of API gateways is not instantaneous, often taking minutes to spin up resources. If you do not autoscale, handling traffic spikes from poorly-written API clients or peak traffic periods requires advance planning to ensure servers are available and warmed. In addition, local and global consumers are often served by a single gateway that may be geographically distant, adding undue latency to API responses

How is Akamai API Gateway Different?

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API Gateway scales your API governance by leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform. This allows you to handle traffic spikes without the need to manually or elastically scale your resources. The platform’s global deployment performs gateway functionality closer to your consumers and provides a gateway that is always available. It removes inconsistencies in deploying APIs and empowers you to expose APIs to the outside world with standard governance rules across the organization.



Throttling and Quota Management

Easily manage API traffic globally to ensure consumers behave the way you intend and ensure fairness of access.

Global Authentication and Authorization

Reduce network delays with support for all common mechanisms from API keys, JWT, and OAuth 2.0 at the Edge.

API Response Caching

Caching for both RESTful and (uniquely) GraphQL query responses.

Reporting dashboard

Easily troubleshoot problems with API traffic deployed on the Akamai platform.

Availability and scale

The Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is a massively distributed platform where every Edge location serves as an API Gateway.

Developer tools

Work the way you want, using admin API, a command-line interface, and Swagger/RAML to easily onboard your APIs.